Annual award granted by novartis to young researchers under 40 years old who have contributed to the extraordinary shift in the field of medicine and pharmacy.


The award was established to promote research and development in medicine and pharmacy. The company wants to support and encourage brave and innovative achievements that will benefit patients, improve their quality of life and also contribute to the innovative potential of the Czech healthcare and pharmacy. Novartis wants to encourage especially the young generation of researchers and motivate them to be more interested in working in the Czech Republic.

Prof. MUDr. Vladimír Beneš, DrSc.
Head of the neurosurgical Department, ÚVN
Doc. JUDr. Ivan Malý, Csc.
Vice-Rector, Faculty of Law, Masaryk University, Brno
prof. MUDr. Terezie Pelikánová, DrSc.
Head of the Diabetes Centre, IKEM
prof. MUDr. Vladimír Tesař, DrSc., MBA, FASN, FERA
Head of Department of Nephrology, University Prague
PharmDr. Jiří Skalický, Ph.D.
Head of Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Pardubice Regional Hospital Inc.
PharmDr. Zdeněk Blahuta
Director SIDC
Prof. MUDr. Tomáš Zíma, DrSc.
Rector UK
Prof. MUDr. Jan Žaloudík, CSc.
Senator, Senate of the Czech Parliament
MUDr. Pavel Frňka, DMS
Director of Strategy of the Czech Industrial Health Insurance Company
Prof. MUDr. Bohuslav Melichar, Ph.D.
Head of the Oncology Clinic at the Medical Faculty of Palacky University and University Hospital Olomouc
Prof. MUDr.Roman Prymula, DrSc.
Director of University Hospital in Hradec Kralove
MUDr. JUDr. Petr Honek
deputy director for health care VZP

Evaluation Committee

The Evaluation Committee has ten members and is composed of renowned experts who have been working in the healthcare environment for a long time.